Father's Day Gift Ideas

If you haven't checked out my sister site over Vetted, it's a facebook group of reviews and suggestions for the best Amazon Products. I've done a roundup there of some good Father's Day gift ideas. But in case you're looking for inspiration, here they are in one list. Click on the name of the item to be taken to the Amazon listing.

GEEK DAD BOOK- a gift for the scientist dad of the best kid-friendly experiments.

DADLIFE COLORING BOOK- I know adult coloring book may have had its moment, but this one made me laugh out loud a bit.

I AM YOUR FATHER- I love Father/Kid clothing. Add Star Wars to the Mix and you can't go wrong.

JIMMY FALLON'S BABY BOOK- Jimmy Fallon cracks me up. No wonder he came up with a hilarious baby book. Just don't take too much offense if your baby's first word does end up being Dada. Perfect for a new dad.


I also think a great picture and frame with a sweet card always makes a great gift. Whatever you do, make sure you fill your kids up with LOTS of sugar and send them in to wake up dad at 5am. What better way to celebrate parenthood?



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