Boston Public Library Kids Audiobooks

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE that Chewie loves books. I love that he loves to read. I love that on our walk to school every morning, he asks me to tell a "really really really long story" that most often involves some variation of the Wizard of Oz (and by variation, I mean if you get really creative there is also a story about the Wicked Witch of the North and their sister the Wonderful Witch of the South, Jalisinda).

But sometimes, mommy just wants to not be "on" and coming up with another story. Typically this happens around dinner time, because stories about Wizards are enjoyable, but stories about "what you did today" are a fate worse than death. So, we've come up with a happy compromise (that isn't TV).

The Boston Public Library has a great electronic download system called Overdrive. I've used it for Kindle Books and audio books for myself, but it turns out they have a GREAT selection of short audio books for kids. I always envisioned it being for older kids, with only chapter books like Harry Potter. But they have an entire section for "Beginning Readers" which are about 10-15 minutes long, have sound effects and music in the background, and are perfect for my three year old.

They have a bunch of Dr. Seuss, about a billion Fancy Nancy books, and Chewie's current favorite series, Henry and Mudge. To get there, just search first by Collection (select audio book) and then switch your filters so you've selected Juvenile and Beginning to Read.

And, if you're not already a BPL member, you can get an ecard here without even going to a branch.

Happy Reading...I mean Listening!



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