DIY Modern Art Photo Gift

I've said this before: I am not a crafty person. Although, upon closer reflection I think the truth is that I am not a crafty person when it involves difficult crafts. I do enjoy crafts, except they need to be easy. Like stupid easy. The thought of involving any kind of machine-- sewing or a die cutter, whatever that is-- sounds terrifying to me. But give me an easy craft, and I'm all in.

That's why I love modge podge so much. Glorified elmers glue, modge podge is easy to use, and can make some pretty awesome crafts. Every year, as part of one of my mom's groups, we do a craft exchange over the summer. And every year for 3 years running, while other moms knit and scrapbook, I've found easy modge podge crafts that are still really well received and pretty impressive (if I do say so myself). But this year's was one of my favorites. And it was STUPID EASY (aka, my second qualification of a craft, after "would actually put in my house or use"). So naturally, I had to share it with you.

A detailed tutorial on "how to" can be found on this DIY blog. But the principal is pretty straight forward:

1. Get a cute black and white photo of your child. Print it out in 4x6. Truthfully, wrestling with the stupid kodak kiosk at CVS was the hardest part of this entire project.

2. Get a wood block. I ordered this one from amazon. I think the 6x6 size wood block worked really well with the 4x6 photo. If you're going to increase the wood block, increase the size of the photo accordingly.

3. Paint the wood block with acrylic paint in a modern color you like. I used this teal from amazon.

4. Cut out the photo. I found that interesting body positions seemed to work the best. And sadly, putting more than one person on a block didn't work that great. I tried with a photo of me and my husband, and it's just "meh". A testament to the medium, not our photogenic nature, of course. So stick to solo shots.

5. Taking a sponge brush, modge podge the hell outta that photo. Basically, glop it on, and then go over it all in one direction to make sure it looks smooth. I used the matte modge podge, but you could use gloss if you prefer the shiny look. And I used these sponge brushes. Yes, 25 is a lot of brushes, but they're cheap, and you can use them in the bath with your toddler later.

6. Gift it to whomever and watch them be super impressed. Or keep it for yourself.

So yeah, super easy. Now who wants one for their Christmas gift this year?



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