What to put on your kid's gift list

It's Thanksgiving week, which means that the holidays are officially here. And as much as I try to keep the STUFF to a minimum, in our house, you can't get around the gift-trifecta of Hannukah/Christmas/Birthday. I'm a big proponent of gifts that aren't things., like asking for museum subscriptions, or tickets to shows. But, just in case your toddler doesn't appreciate unwrapping an envelope and processing the delayed-gratification concept that a piece of paper is the same as Disney on Ice, here are some gift ideas to put on your kid's gift list. Particularly, gifts coming from grandparents. Because no matter how much I don't like "stuff" in our tiny city apartment, it is a grandparent's god-given right to spoil their grandchildren. So who am I to say no?

Big Ticket Items

If you're lucky enough to have generous grandparents. The holidays are a great time to ask for some "splurge" items that you wouldn't necessarily get yourself. Some of our favorites (that are hyperlinked if you click on the item) are:

  • A Play Table. If you have the space, it's nice to have a space to build trains, blocks, or draw on. I've contemplated getting one of these forever, but it would just eat up too much of our floor space. And by eat up too much space, I mean Chewie would run right into a corner while running circles in his room like a maniac. Which is a daily occurrence.

  • A kid size table. Similar concept. A kid sized table works for projects. And it's great for meals too. Even though Chewie is tall, I feel bad that he has to basically vault himself up to the dinner table. So having a smaller table that's his size would be great.

  • A Wagon. Great especially if you have two kids and the older kiddo pitches a fit every time over who gets to sit in the "big" stroller seat. You know. Hypothetically.

  • A great activity center for your younger kiddo. A friend has this one and told me it "keeps my son busy for at least half a shower", which is the best unit of measurement ever.

  • A play kitchen. This is one of those things I never got when Chewie was younger and always regretted. So this may go on the list for BFF.

  • A kid's kindle. I've held out for a really long time on the no-screen time thing. But when BFF came along, that went out the window. Now, I'm looking into options where we can control the amount of time the screen is on. Not to mention, I'm really tired of sharing my phone.

  • Investment into their 529 account. Yes, this won't thrill your kid now, but trust me, they'll thank you when they're older.

Practical Items

Although they may not be super "fun", you can also ask for more practical items that you are going to need, but you might not want to buy yourself. Things like:

  • A Convertible Car Seat or a Booster Seat. Let's face it, our kids are going to grow and they're going to need this. So why not let someone else buy one?

  • Winter Clothing: Winter is here. So why not ask for some good winter gear. We really love our Kamick snow boots and our waterproof gloves. Plus, grandparents can pick out the color and style.

  • A learning tower step stool. After having watched Chewie fall many times on his step stool, I kind of regret not getting one of these. Oh well. Damage done. But it may not be too late for you.

Long Term Toys

No matter how much you want to prevent it. Everyone wants to buy your kid toys. And that's totally fine. But here are some toys that won't get cast aside after one week.

  • MagnaTiles. This is my classic perfect present. Expensive, but so worth the money. You know, as long as someone else is paying for it. But seriously, Chewie plays with these for HOURS.

  • A good Wooden Block Set. Even though this is primarily used to build towers to immediately knock down, this has gotten a lot of use in our house.

  • A pop up tent. Great for space saving, but a lot of fun to break out. Similarly, our pop up tunnel has gotten a lot of use as well. Plus, they're pretty impressive gifts to toddlers since they're so large.

  • Radio Flyer Scooter Our commute to daycare is 1.5 miles, and Chewie scooters the whole way both ways. So trust me when I say, this one is the best.

  • A kid-friendly digital camera. Because it's no wonder our kids want to try to take photos when we're constantly in their face with our cameras.

  • Dress up clothes. Chewie isn't into dress up, but my friends with daughters assure me dresses are a huge hit.

And that's all I got. May your holidays be meaningful, enjoyable, and not full of too much stuff!



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