Ye Olde Triceratops (or that time we went to King Richard's Faire)

What, doesn't everyone ride a princess pony with a triceratops head on?

The lovely people at King Richard's Faire were kind enough to pass along some extra tickets for us to go visit the Faire this past weekend. Having gone to the Faire four times prior to having kids, I could not wait to show it to Chewie.

Before we went, I showed Chewie a promo video of what we would be seeing. For my sometimes sensitive toddler, it's best to prepare him for things that will likely blow his mind. I learned that lesson the hard way when we went to see his idol, Elmo, on stage and he screamed bloody murder when they turned the lights down and the music started.

But, fully prepared to see the "yousters" (or Jousters), Chewie was pumped when we arrived. I had recently bought him a dinosaur costume for Halloween, and he insisted on wearing it. Not because we were going to the Faire, but because dinosaur costumes are "everyday wear" at our house. I thought it'd be perfect for the Faire because he would look like a dragon. But every time someone at the Faire said "my, aren't you a fierce dragon?", Chewie would immediately respond with "Nope. I'm a triceratops". The kid is a stickler for precision, what can I say.

Not surprisingly, a place like King Richard's Faire is a dreamland for a toddler. The minute we walked in and he saw all the actors roaming around in costume, he was so excited. For those of you who haven't been, it's set in an actual forest, and so it does feel like you're in a honest to goodness ye olde village. The admission of the ticket covers any of the stage shows, which include things like jugglers and fire breathers, and a Tiger Show (which was awesome) and of course, the main event: the jousting tournament. Chewie is still talking about the Yousters.

As for bringing young children to the Faire, here are my tips:

  • The gates open at 10am. If you're still on a nap schedule, what we did was get there a little early so they could watch everyone in costume. That is a show in and of itself. It's an hour outside of Boston, so plan accordingly. We stayed until about 12:30, which was about as far as I could push him without a nap. Then, we had lunch packed for the car ride home and it was PTFO time as soon as we got home. He slept until 5:30 that night.

  • The entire grounds are set on either dirt ground or gravel, so I recommend wearing actual shoes. My sandaled feet and Chewie's croc'd feet were DISGUSTING afterward from all the dust. But I suppose that's a small price to pay.

  • There were plenty of families who brought strollers into the grounds. We let Chewie walk and I put BFF in an ergo and that seemed to work. If you're going to push through and nap on the go, a stroller would be clutch. Not sure if they're technically "old timey", but I did see someone wheeling their child around in a velvet covered wagon with their "sleeping beauty". It was adorable and I would've gotten a picture if I wasn't convinced they'd think I was creepy.

  • They do not allow outside food in other than baby food. That's partly why we did the food in the car ride home, because sadly, as adventurous as Chewie can be about food, I knew a turkey leg would be pushing it too far.

  • The Faire is open only on Saturdays and Sundays and closes October 23rd, so if you're going, get there soon.

And, because it's adorable, here are more photos of Chewie dressed like a Triceratops at the Faire.

WAY into the Jousting. Or as Chewie called it "the yousting"

Riding one of the rides, which were named the Nina, the Pinta and the Santa Maria. Not positive, but that might have been a slightly different time period. But who am I to argue. Triceratops were certainly a different time period. And you know what they say, dinosaurs can't be choosers.

Cheering on our knight with his Tanta. Pretty sure (as with the whole faire) the grown ups were a little more excited than the toddlers. But I'm convinced it was only because the toddlers' brains couldn't even comprehend that much awesomeness in one place.



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