Introducing... BFF

Our Bplus family is happy to introduce the new arrival of our son, Baby French Fry or BFF for short. Unlike Chewbacca, who we legally named Chewbacca after a lost bet, baby number two never got a "stay with you for the rest of your life" nickname. However, when I asked Chewie what we should name the baby, throughout my entire pregnancy he insisted we call it Baby French Fry.

And, since I want to protect my kids from future embarrassment through google-searching their names, I promised never to use their "real" names on the blog. So, for child number two, I figured I could let Chewie give him his blog name. So BFF it is.

The whole family is doing well and we were lucky enough to have our amazing photographer friend Enid from Enid the Studio take some photos for us. Given that it was 8am and I wasn't convinced we'd be out of our pjs, we did a photo shoot where we made pancakes. And there's really only one thing you can do with a stack of pancakes during a newborn photo shoot....



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