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So, if you're a regular Bplusboston reader (aka, my mom), you may have noticed that when the fall arrived, my article writing dropped off a bit. I'd like to say that's because it gets busy at work in the fall (true), Chewie went through a total mental leap in the fall and gave my sanity a run for its money (true), I kind of had a mental block creatively (true).

But the real reason I stopped writing so much is because I'm knocked up. Yes, that's right, coming in early June Chewie will be a big brother. And while those other things are also true, I forgot how TIRED you can be while pregnant. Although, after having the first child, my entrie metric for "tired" has changed dramatically. So while it's "not so bad", it's also "not great enough to regularly write articles...or do laundry... or cook dinner". Basically, my body is tolerating watching episodes of Bob's Burgers and Bomb Girls and that's about it. Thankfully, as fellow parents, I know you guys "get it". So thanks, in advance, for the grace.

The good news is, that back in the summer, we did a photo shoot with our favorite photographer Enid Arvelo, and she captured a photo that I think sums up how we're feeling about the whole expeirence:

Prior to the photo shoot, Enid and I had been discussing the importance of taking couples photos during family photo shoots. While we managed to get a few (through Enid single-handedly holding Chewie and taking photos of us at the same time like a superwoman), the funniest ones were when Chewie decided to get in the picture himself. I think his face sums up his feelings about being a big brother perfectly. No matter how many times we read him "You're going to Be a Big Brother", I'm pretty sure he doesn't 'get it'.

Now that I'm in the second trimester, I hope to be writing some more about the impending second child, and how pregnancy is different this time around, and as always, I'll be sure to keep posting all the great and exciting things happening in the Boston parenting scene.



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