Happy "Mom's New Year"

Despite what club promoters and the Hallmark Corporation would have you believe, not everyone celebrates New Year's on January 1st. Throughout different cultures and different periods of time, the start of the New Year has ranged all throughout the year: From the 13th to 17th centuries, England started the New Year on Lady Day (March 25th), which sadly is not a day to celebrate ladies generally, but is a day to celebrate when the Virgin Mary got knocked up. The Chinese New Year can range from January 21-February 21 depending on the moon. The Islamic New Year changes by 11 days every year, so it can be at any time. And the Jewish New Year can range between September 5-October 5th, but this year falls on today, so Shanah Tovah to those celebrating!

And while these ancient and venerable traditions have lasted for quite some time. I would argue that there is a "truer" New Years than all of these other New Years: Mom's New Year. And it starts with the start of school. And, since procrastination (or "I'll get to it when I HAVE A SECOND, ALRIGHT?") is a Mom's Best friend, Mom's New Year can begin anywhere from the first day of school to....whenever you get around to it.

Don't let advertisers fool you. It is not "Back to School" season or "Labor Day" or even the "End of Summer". The day before you send your kid's off to school, it is Mom's New Year's Eve. Even if you don't have children enrolled in Kindgergarten yet, you can feel the shift. Everyone stops traveling for the summer and is finally around for the weekends. Art, music, and dance classes for even the littlest ones start their "fall schedules", and at work, people finally seem to realize that they can't put off that project the entire summer anymore, and so work picks up.

I have consistently failed at January 1st resolutions. Primarily, because there is just too much pressure to keep up with them. It also doesn't help that everyone asks about them. Not to mention the fact that they come after a holiday season that has wiped me out physically, mentally, and finanically. So this year, I'm making some Mom's New Year Resolutions. I'm going to aim small so I have a better chance at succeeding. So although not drastic, my resolutions this year are to try one new recipe for dinner a week, and to get to the gym or to yoga three times a week. We'll see how it goes, but the nicest thing about Mom's New Year resolutions is that if I fail, I can always try again on January 1st.

So Happy Mom's New Year to all of you. May your resolutions be managable, your new year fresh and bright, and may you party on Mom's New Year's Eve until the wee hours of the evening...like 10pm.



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