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I'm writing this article with my thumbs. I am currently stuck in traffic on 93 in an uber and we are going nowhere. And I can't stop myself from attempting some productivity. Maybe it's the years working at a large law firm where my time is tracked in 6 minute increments that has made me painfully aware that every minute counts. Or maybe it's my new role as a mom that urges me to capitalize on every free moment. Or more likely, this is my inherent nature. I am terrible at being idle. After I graduated from law school, due to the economy and (cough cough) me blowing off a routine test that had to get rescheduled many months later than it should have, I found myself with several months of time before my job started. I figured i would do what everyone talks about and go to a beach! So I booked a 2 month trip to Costa Rica. But because I knew myself, I at least booked it at a sea turtle conservation center so at least I'd also be doing something. Want to know how many weeks I lasted with nothing to do but read on the beach and wait for turtles to hatch? 2 weeks. Even though I was broke and paid for my stay, I knew I couldn't last, so I took off and traveled all over the country. Know thyself, Leslie.... {sidenote: still on he Tobin bridge at this point} Anyways, this inability to take it easy manifested itself dramatically when I was on maternity leave with Chewie. Particularly when I was nap training him and could not leave the house. There is only so much west wing a person can watch. And so, I created this website. I frankly had done a ton of the research before for myself and had sent it to every new mom friend I met. So it was a matter of putting it online. I quickly found that I really enjoyed the writing, the researching, and most of all, an enjoyable and productive way to use my downtime. I totally get that it's not for everyone, but I love having this record of what I'm doing with Chewie, and for me it's a relaxing way to spend my time. So, I'm not quite sure what the point of this post is, other than to try and salvage something productive out of this traffic, rather than check Facebook or Instagram or passively absorb information that won't uplift me and won't make me feel like I've spent my time well. But for now, my thumbs are tired, and at least we're finally about to go into the big dig (thank goodness). So here's hoping I get out of here soon :( Sent from my iPhone



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