Photo Shoot In The Rain

The first time I ever got professional photos was for my wedding. Someone had said "don't be afraid to splurge on your photographer because it's the one thing from your wedding that will last". I always thought that sentiment was somewhat weird because your actual MARRIAGE should hopefully last...but I understood the point they were trying to make about photos being something worth keeping.

Once I got the photos back from our wedding, I was HOOKED on professional photos, and I knew I was going to want to document our family as it grew up. Luckily I found/stalked-on-instagram-until-she-became-friends-with-me, Enid, from Enid The Studio and 91 Things in Massachusetts, and she's been taking our family photos ever since.

This latest round of our family photos had a little bit of rain in the forecast, but we decided to go ahead and I'm so glad we did because we got the cutest pictures. I didn't even realize how great all the brightly colored rain coats would be, but it turned out great. It also helps that I'm slightly biased in that our wookie is the cutest kid on the planet.

Plus, Enid brough this adorable scooter for Chewie to ride, and it was his first time riding a scooter, so he was all smiles the entire photo shoot. Here are some of our favorites:

This was right after he had pushed himself all by himself. Slightly bewildered but I promise he was thrilled.

I had recently read and shared an article about the importance of taking couples-only shots, so your kids can see the beauty of your marriage. Enid also read the article so she suggested some shots of just Chewie's Dad and I. We obviously took them very seriously.

All time favorite photo EVER. Because if there is a construction site near your photo shoot, you take advantage of that.

We may need to buy him this scooter.



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