HaHa Photo Stream

Not a lot of people know this, but the correct word for this picture, is a "ha ha".


Not to be confused with a Helicopter.

Chewie is obsessed with "hahas". And on good days, he'll call them "copters". I'm not sure when it started, but ever since he saw his first one, and we taught him the sign for it, everytime he hears something that even remotely looks like a helicopter, he makes a sign that looks like a ref giving a technical foul, and just asks "ha ha? ha ha?" It's....adorable.

My theory on why toddlers become obsessed with things like trucks and helicopters is that from an evolutionary standpoint, the babies who were good at spotting unusual things (dangerous ones like snakes, or delicious ones like berries) were the ones that survived. So toddlers are particularly adept at spotting outliers. I have no evidence for this theory other than my wookie's ability-- no, obsession, with outliers.

Turns out, however, that depsite what Chewie thinks, I cannot simply summon "more ha has". So, Chewie's dad had the brilliant idea to start a photo stream devoted to helicopters, trucks, airplanes, boats, etc. We already use a photo stream for photos of Chewie, so this was a natural extension. I had heard of this idea before- creating a physical photo book of your kid's favorite things. But that would involve buying a photo album, printing out pictures, and putting those pictures into a book. And frankly, ain't nobody got time for that.

When we need to distract Chewie, we pull out the photo stream and show him pictures and videos of his favorite things. We don't allow for a lot of screen time, so this is a special treat so that's one draw back as compared to the book version. The other draw back? Chewie now refers to my phone as a "ha ha". But, in my mind, it's a small price to pay, and frankly, still pretty adorable.



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