Free fitness classes this summer that I'm going to go to...that I'm going to try to go to...

Mother and Toddler Exercise

ps- I've just discovered my blog hosting website has some excellent free stock images (such as the above). So get excited for some really excellent pictures in the coming posts. Although this eerily is exactly what it looks like when I work out with Chewie.

I love traditional fitness classes, but they've taken a back seat now that I've had Chewie. It's not that I don't have the energy, it's that if the choice is "hang with Chewie" or "go to a fitness class", I'm gonna pick the wookie 9 times out of 10. So, we go for lots of walks and I do arm and lunge exercises at my desk in my office when on conference calls (literally what I think the definition of "leaning in" is).

But, like I said, I LOVE group fitness classes. Luckily, this summer there are a ton of them around the city so I can drop in whenever I have time. And because they're free, so I don't feel bad about missing them or paying for a membership I won't use. Here's the schedule for the downtown classes that I know about. Leave anymore in the comments section below!









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