Last Minute Father's Day Idea!

I can't take credit for this idea (because, as I've demonstrated at lenght, I am not a crafter). BUT, a very wise crafter and mom-friend of mine came up with this brilliant last minute affordable Father's Day idea. I already got Chewbacca's dad a gift, so I'm hoping that he will forget this by next year, which is highly likely because I may even forget this by next year.

My friend was inspired by these beautiful voice recordings on pinterest, but they are expensive and take lots of time to order:


Being the wise woman she was, my friend realized she could do this on her own. And so can you! All you need to is go to the voice recording app on your iphone (I assume Android has something similar), record your kiddo either giggling, or saying something cute. For us, I had Chewie make his wookie noise, because our only other options that I can get Chewie to say with any reliability are: "cuck" (truck), "dooogeeee" (dog), "sheeeeeeh" (cheese), or "uckboa" (duck boat). And somehow those don't scream "Happy Father's Day".

So here's how our finished product came out:


Just send it to CVS for printing, get a frame, and Father's Day gift is set! Now, just don't tell Chewie's dad what he's getting next year.



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