Birthday Locales

Things I never knew about parenthood before becoming a parent: finding the ideal birthday party location for your child is more illusive than finding the perfect pair of jeans. There is something wrong with every option: too small, too expensive, not cozy enough...and to be clear, I'm talking about both the birthday party locations not the jeans.

While no place is absolutely perfect (unless you live in a 3,000 square foot apartment that has a yard big enough for a bounce house and is both T accessible and has parking for which case, we can't be friends. Please stop reading my blog), I have done some research on some good viable options. Because I'm a research nerd (aka, lawyer) I charted these into whether they had certain requirements. So here's hoping you'll find the location that's perfect for your party, and will make your ass look great (wait, now I AM talking about the jeans). Links to all these locations are located below the chart.


I am woefully sorry but my webpage maker won't let me create a chart and link to the locations, so here's all of the links to each party locale if you want to find out more. And please let me know of other great locations I'm missing in the comments section below. Take pity on us winter moms who can't just go to our nearest park for parties. We need lots of suggestions!



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