Latest Chewie Gear

As you might have noticed, it's been awhile since I've written. With all of our vacations and the nice weather, I kept putting off writing. As a result, my writing got a little rusty and the thought of writing became more and more daunting. So, in the spirit of getting back in the swing of things (and also in the spirit of my life mantra which is "done is better than perfect"), here is a short post about this awesome hoddie that my friend over at SylvanaPDX at Etsy made for Chewie. We are IN LOVE with it.

Molly over at SylvanaPDX makes some seriously adorable bath towel hoodies, but she has some serious sewing skills. So when we asked her if she would do a custom wookie sweatshirt she exceeded our expectations. Molly does custom orders so if you want something other than her super cute towels, just reach out in ask. I've already told her I may be requesting a grown up size soon.....

So for this dreary Monday morning, here are some photo's of Chewie's "everyday wear" :)







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