Something to Do this Sunday! - May 17th: Big Joe the Story Teller with Safety First


Looking for something to do with your kids this weekend (trick question: we're always looking for something to do). Well then, join BplusBoston who will be presenting Big Joe the Story Teller at Fanieul Hall on Sunday May 17th at 11am.

For those of you who didn't catch my recap of Joe's show at the Christopher Columbus Park, Joe is a one of my favorite children entertainers in the Boston area. He's got great energy, and enough puppets, props and story telling skills to make my 16 month old wookie laugh out loud and sit still. know, I don't want to oversell Joe, but he's KINDA a miracle worker.

Joe will be spinning tales from 11-12 at Fanieul Hall courtesy of Safety 1st, who is launching their Step and Go Stroller. I haven't tried their stroller yet, but from the reviews I've been seeing, it sounds like the easiest stroller to open one-handed. So, hypothetically if you're holding a wiggly child, your diaper bag, iced coffee and your work bag, it might be easier to open up than my normal umbrella stroller...just a guess. Either way, I can't wait to try it out. As part of their launch, Safety 1st is hosting a TON of events in their pop-up space at Fanieul Hall from May 17-14. The space is right next to Make Way for Ducklings, in the store where Funusual used to be (RIP Funusual).

The event is free, but so we can plan for space, sign up at this eventbrite page so we know you'll be coming.

Definitely share this with friends and family, and definitely check out Safety 1st's other events. The amazing Jennifer Phelan is going to be doing several stroller bootcamp classes. And those of you who were around for her Cabin Fever event know just how worthwhile her workouts are. Other events that looked amazing to me included blowouts and makeup applications just for moms, and a baby DJ (TBD on whether the DJ is actually a baby or whether it's an adult DJ who plays music...either way we'll be there). So yeah, lots of amazing events. So SPREAD THE WORD!



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