My "I Wish I Could be a Minimalist" Baby Registry


Before we had a baby, Chewbacca's dad and I swore that our house would not be overrun by baby gear. We were going to buy only wooden, non-plastic toys, and we weren't going to have a stroller. I looked up articles on "minimalist style baby gear" and "non-hideous baby toys". And while we lasted 5 months without a stroller (I still contend that if we had a child who was not off the charts on both height and weight, we maybe could've gone stroller free), we caved pretty quickly on the rest of the baby gear.

The thing is, hideous plastic baby stuff is popular for a reason. Babies go crazy after that stuff. And if it makes your screaming baby stop crying and play by itself for 15 minutes straight. Well, I say "TAKE MY MONEY". And that, right there, is why the baby industry is extremely lucrative.

A lot of my friends who have had kids after me have asked what to put on their baby registries. I still contend that the only things you need immediately are:

  1. Diapers- for us it was Pamper's Swaddlers. A continuation of what the hospital gave us, but then after several blow outs with Luvs and Huggies, my brand loyalty that will stay for life.

  2. A Rock 'N Play- seriously, you're going to need somewhere to put the baby, and this is the best for sleeping slightly inverted. As a bonus, it helps with the gremlin/pug noises that new borns make.

  3. An Amazon Prime Membership- because everything else you can get once the baby shows up.

But some of my friends did not appreciate receiving this list emailed to them. So, with the help of Mamajamas, I created my "I wish I were a minimalist, but turns out babies really do need a lot of gear" registry. I used Mamajamas because (1) they exclusively link to Amazon (and you all know how much I love amazon), (2) they allowed for comments so I could explain to my friends why they should or shouldn't buy something, and (3) they had a section of "don't bother", which made me realize they were my kind of people. I think their website also lets you search other people's registries if you need ideas, so I'm sure that'd be helpful for new moms. I just didn't use that feature.

In case you or someone you know needs a registry that tries its best to be streamlined,CLICK HERE to read my suggestions. You will find such helpful and honest comments as:

  • "Baby poop smells something awful. Just get the diaper genie."

  • "Ain't nobody got time for snaps. Trust me on this, GET ZIPPERS ON EVERYTHING"

  • "Yes, they're as essential as everyone says they are." [boppies- duh]

  • "Otherwise, put anything waterproof in the tub and they'll have fun. We use red solo cups and golf balls. Keeping it classy."

So, even if you're not looking to buy anything or create a registry, it's still a pretty good read.

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