You'll Love This, Honest


Guys, I am SUPER excited to announce a giveaway I'll be running with Honest Tea! I've always been a fan of Honest Tea and their natural ingredients, and I was even more excited to find out that they have a kids line of organic juices. As much as I love a fancy coffee drink with 3 shots of espresso and a double pump of vanilla syrup plus vanilla soy milk, drinking those every day can be what you would call "unsustainable". I love Honest Tea because it's a delicious way to get some much needed caffeine without crashing your entire system.

Over the next week, I'll be running a giveaway for one lucky winner who will take home a month's supply of Honest Tea and Honest Kid's Pouches, as well as some great Honest Tea swag. All you need to do to enter is go to my facebook page (which you can optionally like, not because I'm making you for the contest, but because I say funny things all the time). At the top of my page I have pinned a post where you will answer the question "Why do you need an #HonestBoost?" Whoever's answer gets the most likes by next Saturday at 5pm wins the prize! And because we're keeping it honest, I highly suggest honest answers. You know, hypothetically "I need an #HonestBoost because Chewie likes to have 2am dance parties" or "I need an #HonestBoost because yesterday I was so tired I poured orange juice in my cereal". You get the idea.

Sadly, because we'll be giving actual product, the winner needs to be in Boston for pickup. If you're not local and want to gift your product to someone in Boston, I suppose we'll allow it. Now let's hear why you need an #HonestBoost!

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