Who Do I Think I'm Kidding

Sometimes when I'm on the internet, instead of bookmarking stuff to Pinterest, I'll put interesting websites in a folder on my browser bar to come back to later. When I do this, I'm normally thinking "wow, this is awesome, but I don't have time to read it now, I'll save this for later". I recognize that that's not the purpose of a bookmark bar and you're suppose to use it for frequently used websites, but it's how I use my bookmark bar.

Anyway, my browser bar was getting crowded the other day, filled with very important bookmarks like this Buzzfeed list of Panda's reciting Silvia Plath, and ideas for Chewie's halloween costume next year. So I decided to look in my "Kid's stuff folder" to see if there was anything I could move or shift there.

I was hoping when I clicked on this folder, I'd remember that I put all these amazing kid-related websites in one folder. Or maybe it was full of things I wanted to include on Bplusboston (although those I've just emailed to myself in a ridiculous compilation of half-coherent thoughts....seriously, I should probably share that list sometime because you guys would be like "whyyyyyy is this crazy lady offering any advice. She doesn't even know how email works.")

Anyway, I went into my folder and all I had in there was this:


You thought I was kidding about the Panda article. You would be wrong.

Apparently, I seem to think that the only important kids' websites are (1) a list of ways to volunteer with your kids, and (2) a recipe for oatmeal banana breakfast muffins. First off, I don't even like banana muffins that much. Second off, I really don't bake that often, and if I am gonna bake, I'm certainly not going to waste my time on healthy muffins.

Third and WAY more importantly, when on earth do I think I'm going to have time to volunteer with Chewbacca? Seriously, just the other day I took him to a birthday party down the street from us, and I didn't have time even put shoes on him or a coat because we were running so late. I just threw him in the carrier and zipped him in my coat and figured he wouldn't need shoes when he got there, and he'd be warm enough in my jacket. Why do I think this sounds like the behavior of a woman who will be able to take a toddler volunteering. I mean, I appreciate the fact that "past-Leslie's" heart was in the right place, but seriously, who am I trying to kid here?

The point of all this is that to call my "Kid's stuff" folder "aspirational" is an understatement. And, in an effort to be honest and counteract all the "perfect" parents we see on pinterest and facebook, I felt I was duty bound to share this experience with you.

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