Rock and Roll Art

I am so thrilled to be able to plug a friend's work. The amazingly talented artist Fish McGill (and dad to one of Chewie's good friends, Rye2D2), put together this awesome set of Rock and Roll Alphabet Letters. Featuring the greats of rock and roll, it's a great way to start teaching your kids early that the Rolling Stones are not a game that old people used to play.

The set is $100 and can be purchased either here or through the link on my store (where you can buy other awesome items like a "Love that Dirty Diaper" Boston Onesie, or an advent-style calendar to count down the end of your pregnancy that lovingly reminds people "I'm 9 months pregnant, I EAT WHAT I WANT")

The Rock and Roll Set comes in Blue, Pink, or glow in the dark green. Check out all the letters here:



Really thankful Chewie has a W in his name so we can use the Wu-Tang letter.



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