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I am pretty ruthless about unsubscribing from emails. I treat my inbox like my "to do" list, and so I always like to have no more than 5-10 emails in my inbox at one time. So, when I get emails from stores and unwanted lists, I almost always click "unsubscribe" as they roll in (except for well-meaning parent-bloggers. I always stay subscribed to those).

But sometimes, it seems like the advertising machines get the best of me, and I can't keep up. That's when I log into It's an amazing automatic service which will crawl through your email account, find all the subscription emails you're a part of, and let you decide whether you want to unsubscribe, stay subscribed, or possibly include the subscription in a daily digest.

It's really remarkably easy and didn't take me that much time. It'll generate a list like this one:


And then you decide whether to click "add to rollup (which is the digest) or "unsubscribe" or do nothing, in which case you'll still get the emails sent to you.

I'd say it took me about 15 minutes to unsubscribe from 200+ subscription services. Totally worth it. Although I do have to say that sometimes I miss getting the gap's million 40% off emails. Is that store ever full price? Just don't unsubscribe from BplusBoston, okay? Thanks.



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