Chewbacca Photo Bomb


In my "real job", I work as an attorney at a law firm that will remain nameless so as to protect the integrity of my firm. AKA, it's "unwise" to tell your employer you voluntarily and legally named your child Chewbacca. My firm is full of nice and wonderful people, but as you might expect of a law firm, it can sometimes be stiff and not so creative. Law firms seem particularly uptight because we're always trying to come across as knowledgeable and someone you would trust with important, weighty matters. I mean, you guys should SEE the amount of leather bound books I have in my office. I'm very serious and important.

Although I do enjoy my serious job, it keeps me away from Chewbacca, and so I've found a small way to keep him near me throughout the day, which is to put his picture on the desktop of my computer. I picked a collection of 30-40 of my favorite pictures of him and have programmed my desktop to cycle through them in a slideshow throughout the day. (I highly recommend this, and if you want to see how to do it, click here).

This strategy makes me smile throughout the day as I catch his picture while switching between projects on my computer, and doing other important lawyery things. However, my one warning with this strategy is that if you're going to give a presentation to your team, be sure to disable this feature. Otherwise, when you connect your computer to the projector, a photo such as this might show up for your whole team to see:

wait for it....

I promise it's worth it.....

okay, this is what my team saw:


This was when Chewie was first learning to eat avocado. And by "learning to eat" I mean "smashing all over his body".

So yeah, that happened. As I said, the people I work with are pretty awesome, so everyone thought it was adorable, and thankfully it wasn't in front of a client. But it was slightly embarassing to have Chewie show up as a guacamole'd photo bomb on my work computer.

This experience was almost as awesome as when a similar thing happened to me years ago, before Chewbacca was a glimmer in my eye. Back then, having no pictures of little wookies, I used to collect funny adorable pictures of animals that would make me laugh. One day, I called our IT help desk to help me with a problem with my computer. He remotely accessed control of my computer, and there was a hitch in his voice and a 2 second pause where I knew what he saw. He knew what he saw. And neither of us said a word. But all the while, I knew he was looking at this:


See above, re me being a fancy lawyer.

So... fingers crossed this sort of thing never happens at court.



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