Cabin Fever Raffle Winners!


First, a huge thank you to everyone who came to Cabin Fever. It was such a fantastic event and I had a blast planning it. It wouldn't have been half as fun (or frankly ANY fun) without you, so thank you for coming. If you haven't yet seen all the great pictures and the wrap up post I did, check it out here. Second, in full disclosure, I've put you all on the B+Boston mailing list so you can stay up to date about future events. But there's nothing worse than being on an email list that you don't want to be, so to unsubscribe either click the "unsubscribe" option at the bottom of this email, or reply to this email and just say "unsubscribe" and I'll take care of it. This is a judgment free blog and I hate unnecessary emails, so I totally get it. Third, the lucky raffle winners of our great prizes are as follows. I'll be reaching out to all the winners:

  • A Mini Photograph Session with Enid The Studio: Jeffrey Figueiredo and Leann Cuddihy

  • A Nursery Print from Simply Love Creations: Ping Cao and Sachad Uljon

  • 2 Hours of "time" (for cleaning, cooking, errand running, etc.) from Hands of Time: Jane Mooney

  • A $25 Gift Certificate to Henry Bear Park:Gareth Williams, Corinne Kielbasa, Kimberley Anderson and Clodagh Hoey

  • A Spot in Tiny Sign's Sign Language Class: Abraham Thomas

Fourth, Enid took some great photos of lots of adorable kids. Without posting the pictures online without permission, I'm still trying to find the parents of the following cuties so I can try and get them their pictures. So if this sounds like your kid (or you know who this kid is) please let me know so I can deliver them their photos. Just send me an email at and I'll send the photos over:

  • Brunette boy with a blue sweater on with kind of geometric striped lines built into the weaving of the sweater (sorry, I wish I could be more descriptive on that one, but it's all I've got, he's very cute and has curls if that's helpful)

  • Brunette boy with an orange shirt and a blue sweater vest on it. He was the one who was excellent and jumping during the Urbanity dance class.

  • Strawberry blonde boy with a California Gap shirt on (Chewie has the same one!)

  • Blonde girl with a pink skirt and cardigan with black polka dot tights and a lady bug face painted on her cheek

Fifth, did I mention thank you again for coming? Can't wait to do it again soon! I'm open for ideas so if there's any programming you'd like to see, let me know. Also, don't forget the West End Community Center will be hosting a free Soccer Super Stars class this Sunday at 3pm. So check it out!



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