Cabin Fever-THANK YOU

You. Guys.

I honestly can't even. I woke up this morning and I was still smiling ear to ear. I couldn't have imagined a better event and I couldn't be more grateful to be a part of such a wonderful community. Honestly, my cheeks hurt from smiling so much yesterday.

This event could not have happened without the amazing participation of the following groups. You all saw how awesome these instructors and performers are, so please, go suport them and tell them BplusBoston sent you!

A HUGE thank you to the following:

  • Amy Leydon Yoga ( Amy is hoping to get a toddler yoga class started in the North End, so I'll email all of you when that happens because as you saw, her classes are adorable and so much fun.

  • Little Beats with the Rockababy Band ( Little Beats are located RIGHT off the Pike and you can get there in 20 minutes from the North End and there's free parking, so although they're based in Newton, they really aren't that far away. Rockababy classes are every Friday, but they offer music and dance classes throughout the week. They're holding a free open house on March 14th, which Chewie and I will almost certainly be at, so go check them out.

  • Cobblestones ( This is another place that's closer than you think. Cobblestones not only has drop in play time-- which we all desparately need-- but they have classes for all ages. With a behavioral specialist, sleep specialist, ocupational therapist, and speech patologist as owners, they've got all the knowledge you need.

  • Urbanity ( Located in the South End, and walkable from downtown (when it gets a little warmer), Urbanity offers a full range of classes for all ages. Although they're teaching dance, your kids will also be learning how to wait their turn, how to master their bodies, and how to have fun.

  • Jennifer Phelan Pilates: ( A Charlestown local and mama to a 1 year old, Jenn "gets it" when it comes to working out as a new mom. She teaches at North End Yoga on Tuesday and Thursday nights, so go check out her classes and she'll make the most of your free time.

  • The West End Community Center: ( Now you all know the wonderful secret of this great space in our neighborhood. The West End Community Center will be promoting some more events geared toward younger families, such as Soccer Super Stars free open house on March 8th at 3pm. So get on their mailing list to check it out.

  • Yennygrams: ( Thank you to Yennygrams for making the logo and sign for Cabin Fever. If you have a creative project, Yennygrams can tackle it, from birth annoucements to party invitations to designs for a logo for an event.

  • Little Lovage Club: ( Although their face painting skills are great, LLC offers lots more, such as a birthday parties, bouncy house parties, and more. Check out their website for all their programming.

  • Cultural Care Au Pair: ( Thank you to Cultural Care Au Pair for the healthy snacks at the event. Be sure to check out their website for child care options.

  • Kind Bars, Honest Tea and Love Child Organics: Thank you to all three of these groups for providing tasty snacks for the goody bags.

  • Enid the Studio: ( Enid offers family photo sessions (she did ours!) Thank you to Enid for taking the pictures of the event, which I've posted below.

Also, I haven't forgotten about the raffle but I need to plug in everyone's email who came to the event in order to make the drawing fair. And of course, I left the email list at the West End Community Center yesterday (B+ job, Leslie. Way to go). So once I get that, I'll send an email updating who has won the following prizes:

  • 1 of 2 Mini Photography Sessions from Enid the Studio

  • 1 of 2 Nursery Prints from Simply Love Creations

  • A 2 Hours gift certificate for concierge time (for cleaning, cooking, errand runnings, etc.) from Hands of Time

  • 1 of 4 Gift Certificates to Henry Bear Park

  • 1 Sign Language Class from Tiny Signs

Here are some of my favorite photos from the day! I have even more adorable pictures of kiddos but wanted to be mindful that not everyone wants their kid's pictures online. So, if you want to reach out to me at (and describe your kid), I can let you know if there are pictures for you. I know Enid took some great photos of a little boy in a blue shirt with a boat on the side, another boy in a California state flag shirt, and of course the little ballerina in the red tutu. So help me to get those photos to their parents because they're adorable!

In the meantime, here are some photos of babies I was able to get photo releases from :)

And, as you all may have noticed, here was Chewbacca, refusing to stay anywhere but in my arms for most of the day. But at least he was chilling like a villian.

Can't wait for the next one! "Beat the Heat" event in the summer, anyone?

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