Fearless Friends- Kate Yenrick

This installment of Fearless Friends features my very talented friend, Kate Yenrick, who left her career in advertising to start her own calligraphy and stationary company. How cool is that? After creating her prints as a hobby for quite some time, Kate made the full plunge recently and started Yennygrams.com. She has some awesome prints, stationary and design services, so if you're looking for cards, invitation addressing or anything else of the creative vibe, go and check her out. So, in honor of her launching the website, here's a Fearless Friends Q and A:

How do you know Chewbacca's Mom?

Chewie's mom was first my Alternative Spring Break Co-coordinator :) She developed a spring break volunteer program for a group of Boston University students and I was one of the lucky participants. After 20+ hours in a car traveling to and from Arkansas and then some 8 years later, we have lots of fun memories! We've seen everything from the birth of a miniature pony to rollerskating men and women in drag!

What are you doing for work now? What did you do before?

I am a calligrapher and designer and I am working to grow my design company, Yennygrams. A large part of my business is working with brides + grooms-to-be to personalize their weddings with everything from calligraphed invitations to hand-lettered menus and other reception items. In between I make custom stationery and design menu boards for Boston-area restaurants. I have been in business since January 2013 but only recently took the plunge to have a go at it full time! Before May 2014, I was also working at an ad agency in Boston. I did this for almost six years - it was definitely less glamorous than MadMen (I know some of your readers are probably thinking that) -- in fact, there were way less daytime martinis and many more Excel spreadsheets! (Full disclosure: I did learn how amazing Excel could be!)

How did you get started doing your current career?

I have always been a creator. As an only child, organizing and making things -- social clubs, magazines, newsletters, friendship bracelets, radio shows, crafts -- was a way for me to entertain myself. In the late nineties, I really latched on to the scrapbooking trend and I would say I "excelled" at the creative lettering aspect :) From then on I've taken several fine art classes that helped me familiarize myself with pen and ink. In Fall 2012, I took a modern calligraphy class and by the grace of social media, my practice was encouraged with every "like" my work received on Facebook and Instagram.

Any advice for people chasing their dreams? I'm still chasing my dream but one thing that I have learned thus far is that there will never be a "right" time to do it! For years (aggh!?) I thought that if I got everything in order, I would be able to quit my office job and follow my passion to create full time. I thought I could make a smooth transition. For myself, the truth was that if I wanted to be do something else I needed to just bite the bullet and do it! So far, it's been challenging but it is also more rewarding than what I have felt before. I feel like my work is a direct reflection of me and I am so much more happy for it!

What are you most afraid of? Running out of ink, literally and figuratively ;)

Favorite quote? I am constantly looking for fun quotes to write up and share on my Instagram so I have quite a few favorites. As I grow as business owner, this one rings true most days!

"Life is trying things to see if they work" Ray Bradbury

Brittney Spears or Celine Dion?

Celine - It's all coming back to me now...

Koalas or Pandas?


And now for a photo of Kate and I on our Alternative Spring Break Trip. Yee Haw:





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