Stuff I Love- PaperKarma App


We all know that I'm a little addicted to my iPhone, but sometimes the iPhone uses its powers for good and not evil. I want you to know about one of my favorite apps of all time: Paper Karma. I'm pretty sure it's available in both the iPhone and Android stores, but don't quote me on that because I was too lazy to check Andriod.

The way Paper Karma works is that anytime you get an unwanted paper mailing or catalog (aka all of them), you go to the app, take a photo of the catalog at the spot that has your address and the company logo on it , and then click submit. Then they'll take care of getting you unsubscribed from the company's mailing. Seriously. It's that easy.

Since I signed up in November of last year (so just over a year) I've unsubscribed to SIXTY FIVE catalogs. Just imagine the amount of paper and gas that saves, not to mention the amount of money I've saved by not buying things I didn't want or need in the first place (except Restoration Hardware's 5 pound chenille throw. For that, I regret nothing)

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