I've Got A Theory...


Hey all, I'd like to test a theory about moods, which I will admit, might be crazy (the theory, not my mood). If you could answer this 3 question survey, it will help me to figure out if my theory is actually nuts, or if there's something to it. The survey can be found HERE. I swear it is only 3 questions, and is mildly amusing (at least, to me it is). You can answer it every day in the next two weeks if you want to. Just try not to answer it more than once a day. Everyone is on the honor code for that rule...primarily because I'm too lazy to enforce it or figure out how to build the survey to prohibit that.

Thanks in advance! I promise to report back on my findings and let you know my theory. I just can't tell you what it is now, or I'll bias the results. But I bet I've got you all curious now.

(ps- anyone else read the title of this post in the melody from the Buffy the Vampire Slayer musical episode? Just me?)




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