And Now A Word From Our Sponsors

Alright, I want to be up front about this, because I feel like we've gotten pretty close since I started writing this blog. And it feels weird to lie to you. Well, not lie to you, but withhold information from you. So I need to get this off my electronic chest: I am making money off this blog, and off of each one of you.

I hope once I explain, you'll all be okay with this and understand that I'm trying to do this in the least-sketchy way possible.

My primary goal in making this blog was to get information to other caregivers in a clean, organized fashion. While other Boston-based parenting blogs have the same information as me, some of them (who shall remain nameless) look like a trade show puked all over their website because there are ads EVERYWHERE.

I chose the black and white layout and the clean lines to make the information easy for parents to get. Our lives are difficult enough chasing after tiny dictators, we don't need to also sift through ads to get the information we need.

All that being said, baby Chewie's gotta eat, and I am spending money (and time) hosting this website and putting out content. But, I think I found a really good solution to make money and not annoy each of you, which is through affiliate links. An affiliate link is a link to a website where you can purchase something, which has my personal code built into it. The idea is that if the website recognizes that I sent you to that website, I get a cut of anything you buy.

I experimented with these links in the beginning (which is why you saw banners on my page, which I decided I hated), and you also may have seen me promoting certain flash sales (which I also decided I hated, even though they're lucrative, they generally sell garbage that I can't back). What I ultimately decided I liked, and could stand behind, was including affiliate links to Amazon. Why? Because I genuniely love amazon and probably do 90% of my shopping on Amazon Prime. Their reviews are so helpful and the system is so streamlined (and they have robots!) that I can't not love them. So I decided to use amazon affiliate links when I'm explaining or recomending something on my webpage.

The reason I like using amazon affiliate links is it costs you NOTHING. You won't get charged a higher price for whatever it is you're buying (if you even do decide to buy). How it works is if you buy from amazon within 24 hours of clicking the link on my page, I'll get 6% of whatever you buy, even if you don't buy the thing I was originally recomending. But that 6% is paid by amazon, not from you. So if anything, I hope that you'd be happy that I'm getting a 6% fee instead of amazon (damn the man!)

Using these affiliate links allows me to keep my webpage clean and uncluttered. So, if you'll allow me keep using affiliate links, I promise to do the following:

  1. I will always be up front with you if I'm making money off of something I'm recommending.

  2. I will only recomend products to you on amazon that I like and use myself or have heard from a friend that it's fantastic, or that I find genuinely hilarious.

  3. I may use ads on my home page in the future, but if I do, I promise to keep them tasteful, and for products and services that I can stand behind.

  4. If I know that you can get a product cheaper from somewhere other than amazon, I will tell you. Brand-loyalty be damned.

  5. If I need to sell out for any reason, I'll let you know up front.

Whew, I feel a lot better telling you all that. I hope you do too. The only other thing I'll add is that if you're already doing your shopping on amazon prime (aka, you purchase you're entire life on amazon like me) and want Chewbacca to get 6% of your purchase, feel free to click any of the links on my page like this one, before you go shopping. As long as you buy within 24 hours, Chewie will get the credit. Chewie's expensive shoe habit and myself thank you. And by "expensive shoe habit", I mean his uncanny ability to lose shoes while we're out in public.

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