Circle of Love

My father in law once pointed out the fact that couples can easily get into behavioral cycles. For example, if one spouse randomly picks up flowers, the other might clean the house to show their appreciation, then because the house is clean the other might have energy to change that lightbulb that's been meaning to be switched for days, and because that task has made them so happy, the other spouse cooks dinner, and then because they've cooked dinner, the other will do the dishes, and on and on and on.... In our house, we call this the "circle of love" (and, when the contrary happens, we don't call it anything, but just recognize that it's happening. Because, as GI Joe says, "knowing is half the battle").

I love it when Chewbacca's dad and I "catch" ourselves in one of these "Circles of Love" because I'm normally kind of doped out on love anyways by that point because he's taken out the trash and fixed something around the house and possibly even folded the laundry, which I loathe doing. So then when I realize it's happening, it makes me smile even more.

The other weekend, Chewbacca's dad and I got in a Circle of Love and I'm totally going to humble-brag about it. You know what, no, it's going to be a blatant brag because I think it's important to celebrate when things go well. So here's my blatant brag:

Saturday it was miserable-raining all day, like so bad we all thought the end of the world was upon us. Chewie's dad and I rallied and went out of the house in the morning, but we were still stuck with what to do post-nap-number-2 and I did NOT want to go out. I was in a mood where all I wanted in the world was to keep my sweatpants on. I managed to entertain Chewbacca for an hour while Chewbacca's dad took a nap. Then, to say thanks for the nap, Chewbacca's dad offered to take Chewie on a hotel crawl and let him crawl around the Boston Harbor Hotel and the Interconntinental because it was STILL raining and we had no idea where else to take him.


Chewbacca on the move at the Boston Harbor Hotel, classing up the joint with his baby plumber crack and no socks.

So the boys went out in the disgusting rain. While I was fully intending on binge-watching TV in my sweats while they were out, I decided instead to make dinner. And, more as a selfish move than anything else, also make dessert. I just kept thinking about how cold and raining it would be walking back and I wanted to make the house smell great when they walked in the door. So I just roasted a crap ton of vegetables (a regular go-to meal at our house, although we'll need to think of a new name for it when Chewie gets older) and then made this crazy pumpkin cake with apples crock-pot dessert. It was INSANE good, and it allowed me to get rid of a can of pumpkin that I had in my pantry since at least two Thanksgivings ago.


Cake? In a crock pot? There are no rules anymore.


Yeah, this is a regular dinner for us. Main courses are overrated.

So that's my post about the circle of love . I hope you get caught up in one with your partner sometime soon. Not just because they're wonderful and make you feel all good inside, but because sometimes they end in pumpkin cake!




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