What To Do When You Forget The Sleep Sack

Suppose, hypothetically, that you took your baby to your in-laws for the weekend. That you drove 2 hours, patting yourself on the back for getting out of the house in record time; for finally nailing this "traveling with a baby thing"; for remembering to put snacks in the car instead of in the trunk; for getting your baby to sleep for the entire 2 hour drive; for "winning" at being a parent.

And then you get to their house (which is about 45 minutes away from a Target or any store that would carry baby gear) and you realize you left the sleep sack at home.

Do you panic? Do you drive out to get a replacement? Do you wrap your baby in a blanket and hope he won't wake up tangled in the sheets? Do you wrap him in a blanket and hope you won't wake up every 10 minutes worrying that he's strangled himself in his sleep (pooh pooh pooh).

No. Instead, your brilliant husband suggests the following:


It may look like his mouth is covered, but I swear that's just the angle of the photo. Don't call children's services on me. For that, or the fact that I generally put my child in an adult fleece vest.

He slept the entire night, cozy as could be and woke up at 7am not due to the fleece vest, but because of his massive blowout diaper. Thankfully, I DID remember to pack the diapers.




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