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When Chewbacca was younger and just starting solids, I could literally shovel avocado (completely unseasoned) into his mouth and he was so happy he couldn't eat it fast enough. Now at his ripe old age of 11 months, he's getting wise to the ways of food and is making it clear that he has some likes and dislikes. I wouldn't say he's a picky eater, but his favorite foods include pickles, blue cheese, pumpernickel pretzels and anything else that sounds like a pregnant lady would want to eat it.

Getting him to eat healthy, nutritious, organic foods can be a bit of a struggle. (Not that I'm not convinced that Vlaskic pickles are 100% organic) So, when I met the owner of Love Child Organics at the Biggest Baby Shower Event and started talking to her, I got really excited about her product. Leah, the owner, has a story that is often the story of my favorite companies. When she had her first child, she was looking for organic, healthy, tasty baby food and realized there was a big void in the market. Instead of settling and feeding her kids something second rate, she started making her own, and then realized that other people might be interested in this as well and started her own company.

The thing that I really like about Love Child Organics is that the food is not just organic and made with fruits and veggies, but all the food is what Leah calls "nutritionally rich". So, it's not just apples and bananas (which is what we were feeding Chewie with the Go Go packets that you see at CVS and Sam's Club) but it also has super foods like quinoa, millet, yogurt and acerola fruit. Hell, I don't even eat millet and I'm not convinced I even know what acerola fruit is. But if they can disguise it in a way that is tasty enough for Chewie to chug a packet in the baby-equivalent of shotgunning a beer, I'm all for it.

If I had all the time in the world I would make this type of food for Chewie all the time. But frankly, ain't nobody got time for least I don't. So I love that when we run out of food that I've made for him, or when he can't eat whatever we're eating that night (e.g., siracha tofu), I love that I can give him these packets and still feel like he's eating well if the only other thing he eats at dinner is blue cheese and pickles.

Chewie has taste-tested all the options below and his distinguished palatte has decided that the Apple Pumpkin (Orange) and Spinach Broccoli (Green) are his favorites.


Cute packaging, pretty similar to most of the pouches you see these days. I do kind of like that the fruits are all hugging each other....except the beet. I don't know why but he looks a little menacing to me.

Leah explained to me that the secret to the Green pack's success is the Kiwi. The tanginess cuts through the vegetable flavor and creates a taste that Chewie (and apparently a lot of kids) love despite being full of broccoli and spinach which you would think a kid would hate. The orange pouch was just as big of a hit with Chewie as he refused to let go, even after he finished it.


Notice the beginning of the curl of the fist in his left hand as he started to cling to this packet as I began to make moves to take it from him.

That's not to say he didn't like the other flavors, I just think that he would have sold me to the circus to pay for more Orange and Green packets if he could have. If he knew what money was...or the circus for that matter. All the packets are available on Amazon Prime and they're also available through Walmart for slightly cheaper (I think 1.50 a packet at Walmart, but you have to pay for shipping so it's probably a wash). They're also available at Stop and Shop if you have a car and do your own grocery shopping (said the girl who is obsessed with Peapod and Amazon Prime and never physically grocery shops anymore) If you want to go the Amazon route, the packets work out to about 1.60 each if you buy them in packs of 12 here, which is short money in my book for something that is nutritious, easy, healthy, and a big hit with my wookie.

And, as a special treat for my readers, Love Child Organics is going to do a giveaway of a their products for one lucky winner. All you have to do enter is either go to Bplus Boston's facebook page and "like" Love Child Organics, using the link in the Giveaway Tab of the page. OR you can enter using the link below. Be sure to use either of those links to get to Love Child Organics, because otherwise I won't be able to track the entries. The contest will run for a week and I'll annouce the winer after that. Good luck!

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