Chia Pudding (aka Unexpected Baby Food)

If your baby is anything like mine, they are not content with food of their own. Even if it's the exact same thing, their grabby little hands will try to steal whatever is on YOUR plate because obviously it's tastier. This is how I accidentally discovered that Chewbacca LOVES chia pudding.

I learned about how to make chia pudding from my friend and trainer, Lauren Hefez. Lauren has a fantastic prenatal video on youtube that I did constantly before Chewbacca was born, and is one of the reasons why I credit being able to survive a 3-day labor with 4 hours of pushing (oh you better believe I'll remind Chewbacca of that when I need to make him feel guilty about something).

Lauren is the right blend of energetic, but not annoying (like so many other trainers and fitness instructors). Even though you want to be angry with her while you're holding a plank for a minute straight and your entire body is shaking, you just can't. I don't know what it is, but you can't. It's why I love her videos and classes so much. She has a bunch of workout videos online that you can do in your own home and that are anywhere from 5-60 minutes. They'd be perfect to do post-baby, you know, if any of us had time or energy to work out. And even though I'm not doing them currently, I like the idea that they exist and I know I could start doing them one day.

In addition to her workout videos, Lauren puts up recipe videos. They're usually easy enough for me to do, and always very healthy. When she posted the video recipe about chia pudding, and the fact that it only had 3 ingredients, I knew it was at about the level of complexity I could master. Turns out, it is in fact super easy. You basically blend a banana with almond milk, then throw in the chia seeds, pulse it in the blender, and then toss it in the fridge overnight (with a little vanilla and cinnamon of course). That's my kind of recipe. Check out the video for the proportions.

After making it the next day, it looks like this:


I promise it is way more delicious than it looks.

After I made it, I was eating it in the morning as I was feeding Chewbacca his oatmeal and berries, which he was NOT into. He was cutting 4 teeth at once (aka, a "I hate everyone and everything" kind of week), and so solid foods were giving him a lot of pain and he was rejecting a lot of food. I figured I might as well try the chia pudding since he seemed interested in it. Plus, if he liked it, it would be a good way to sneak some banana and almond milk into his diet since his teeth hurt too much even to nom on a banana....poor guy.

Well, not only did he like the chia pudding, he LOVED it. He kept trying to lunge for the mason jar (danger!) and then remembered that he could sign "more" to tell me he wanted me to shovel it into his mouth as fast as humanly possible. So to say it was a "hit" was an understatement.

I had to slow it down because with any new food, I was a little worried how he would react, but he was fine with it, and the people at "Can I give my baby" said although it's not necessary, chia seeds are safe for babies. So the second sitting I let him have at it until he finished the jar, and looked at me-- his chubby little cheeks covered in chia pudding-- as if to say "isn't there more?"


Totally looks like it was meant to be baby food right?

So, thank you to, Lauren, for giving me a baby food recipe that really helped Chewie while his teeth were hurting and is now a fan favorite around the house! Now the only problem is going to be teaching him about sharing.




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