Help Me Pick a Calendar

Alright, it's that time of year, Calendar-picking time! I'm extremely particular about my stationary generally, and my calendar is a 12 month decision, so this is a LOT of pressure for me. It may not surprise you then that I've already started researching what calendar I want to buy. I've got it down to 4 finalists, but I need your help picking the winner. Let me know your favorite in the comments:

Option 1: The Inspirational Calendar

Pros: Pretty; Work Appropriate

Cons: I might hate this if I'm stuck at the office late at night. Plus, it's kind of small.


Option 2: The Grammar Nerd Calendar

Pros: It cracks me up; Plus my co-workers would love it

Cons: I may not have enough grammar-cred to have this calendar because I misspell things all the time and constantly have grammar mistakes in my writing (see what I did there?)

grammar nerd.jpg

Option 3: The 30 Rock Calendar

Pros: It's amazing in every way

Cons: A partner may walk into my office during July (aka Suck it Nerds month)

30 rock.jpg




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