Happy Halloween 2014

It's snowing in Boston, which can only mean one thing- it's Halloween. Well, to be fair, it's 2 days after Halloween. This year the first storm of the season waited 2 whole days after Halloween, but still. Pair this storm with daylight savings time, and my guess is we have a lot of kids who have been up for a lot longer than normal, are full of sugar from Halloween candy, and are cooped up inside. So....basically good luck parents.

Chewbacca is no exception and is totally off his nap schedule. But while he is napping, I figured I'd show you our pictures from Halloween this year. As I mentioned on facebook, this was his costume for the week leading up to Halloween.


Pretty much everyone we passed on the street thought he was cookie monster, despite the three eyes on the top of his head and the yellow belly.

Chewbacca's dad bought this costume over 7 years ago for his sister when he found out she was expecting her first child. As a single guy, the logical necessary baby present for your sister is obviously a size 12 monster costume. Each of Chewbacca's cousins has worn this costume, and I'm pretty sure they all hated it because we have the screaming/crying pictures of them in it to prove it. Chewbacca on the other hand LOVED this costume. He was smiling ear to ear in it the minute we put it on him.

Despite how much he loved it, I quickly realized that when we went trick or treating, if I had him in his carrier (which was the plan due to the cobble stone of the north end and the cold), all anyone would be able to see was his little head. So, the day of Halloween, Chewbacca's dad and I busted out the hot glue gun and got creative, integrating the carrier into the costume. This is what our kitchen looked like when we were done. There was glitter everywhere.



But the end result was totally worth it and I'm really glad we got to dress up too:


Our little Rocket Man, and his dad, the Space Cowboy.

The costume was a success and because Chewbacca's dad's costume had lights in it, he was a big hit with the other trick or treaters when it started to get darker. One kid we kept passing kept calling out "It's the Constellation man!" Apparently Steve Miller is not big with the 7-10 year old demographic.

We knocked around the North End, trick or treating on Hanover and Salem Street. We tagged along with my friend who graciously allowed us to use her 2 year old make it somewhat more socially acceptable to ask the stores for candy. I say "somewhat" because I definitely got the stink eye from a few shop owners. This was our haul when we were done:


As I was trick or treating, I kept thinking "oh, this will be a perfect amount of candy to eat in one sitting tonight but then not feel too guilty about". I was so wrong. This was not nearly enough candy to eat in one sitting, and I was frankly pretty angry at myself for even picking up the dum dums.

After trick or treating, we stopped by the Nazarro Center which had a ton of bouncy houses and spooky scenes for the neighborhood. Unfortunately they were closing by the time we got there, which was super sad for the 2 year old we were traveling with, since we basically showed her the coolest thing ever and then were like "oh wait, you can't go on it". Whoops.


The spooky scene at the Nazarro Center.


Yeah, imagine showing this to a 2 year old and then saying "just kidding, you're not allowed on it." She took it remarkably well, but that was possibly because we were using a LOT of candy to distract her.

And we wrapped everything up at the Prado, where there was a party, complete with pizza, crafts, cookies, cider and games for the older kids. The best part was, we were wrapped around 7pm, which is frankly, my favorite time to end a party, because I've always secretly been an old woman and love going to sleep around 10.


The coolest party on the block, aka stroller central.

I've always loved Halloween as a little kid, and as an adult too. But now that I'm a parent, I have to say, I'm LOVING Halloween because the costumes are so much more clever and more adorable. I had to share two of my favorites with you because they were so stinking cute. I know that all my friends' kids had cute costumes, but I think you'll agree with me, that these two (or three really) take the cake. Of course it helps when you have objectively the cutest babies ever, but these were so stinking cute I had to share them as my favorites I saw this year:

IMG_5072 (1)_edited.JPG

I know. I know. RIGHT? HE'S TOO MUCH!!!


Seriously, right? They're too cute!!! It's not fair when you've got two this cute.

What did everyone else dress as for Halloween this year? Saw any great costumes you're planning on for next year, or am I the only crazy one that does that?

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