Big City Moms Biggest Baby Shower Recap

A couple of weeks ago, I got to attend the Big City Moms Biggest Baby Shower. It's taken me a bit to blog about because I JUST finished a trial at work (don't worry, I'm an attorney, I wasn't getting sued or anything), and parenting + trial is more than any one person can handle. Parenting + Trial + Blogging was just too much.

But now I'm back and can tell you about the event. As an initial aside, while I like the event and the organizers, they've gotta work on a better name because MAN that's a mouthful. It's no cooincidence that the most famous companies are all one words: Apple, Kinkos, Facebook, Drool (for those of you uniniatied parents, that's the other major baby expo in Boston). So maybe change the "Biggest Baby Shower" to something shorter. This coming from the woman who owns "Bplus Boston", so I guess they can take my criticism with a grain of salt.

Okay, moving on from that unnecessary aside and onto the event itself. It was the first time Big City Moms has done an event in Boston, but you could tell they've been doing this before because the entire event was very polished and well put together.


Very official sign at the entrance.


Equally official list of events and speakers.

I got to attend the event along with the owner of the Car Seat Concierges, as well as the brainchild behind Supplet. So it was a Momprenuer kind of night. Due to the hype and the promotion of the event, it was really well attended, which was fun. But as a result, right at the opening time, there was a long line to get in. While it moved quickly, Kristin, the owner of the Car Seat Concierges, cracked me up by pointing out that every mom event in the city is worse than getting into a nightclub.

Once I got in the door, it was clear that there were quite a few vendors here. The idea of the event is for all of the best baby gear folks to show up and display all their equipment and answer questions for new moms and expecting moms. It's a one stop shopping kind of place.


Lots of baby gear on display.

Each vendor had a table, and the best part was there were LOTS of free samples. The best giveaway has to go to the people at Combined Jewish Philanthropy who gave away premade frozen challah dough. I might be biased because my cousin was running that table, and because I love challah. But seriously, what a clever gift.

Enough about bread. On to the event. They had SO MANY cupcakes?! Seriously. There was some really tasty "Real" food at the event, and some vendors like Sweet Green and Frozen Mango were in attendance, but it was amazing how many cupcake places there were. Plus they were scattered all around the event, so it was like "surprise cupcake" everytime I turned a corner. I had no idea it was going to turn into my own personal cupcake crawl, but that was a pleasant surprise. I even found this great place called Icing on the Cake which not only had cake pops, but also had the cutest birthday cakes which would be fantastic for a kids birthday party.


How cute, right? Plus the woman at Icing on the Cake told me that all their cakes are made with buttercream "because fondant is disgusting and no one wants to eat it". I appreciated their honestly, and their cake pops.

In case you don't feel like cupcakes are "essential" baby items, I will say that they had a lot of other vendors there as well. I had a bit of a geek-out session when I saw the people from Ergo there with the Ergo 360. As you might know, we're big baby carrying fans, but Chewie is getting so that he likes to face outward, so I'm really considering buying another carrier. It seems slightly expensive and unnecessary because we already have two carriers, but I still want it so badly!


Here's the poor lady I grilled for like 20 minutes about the 360 and then forced to take a picture of her wearing her fake baby.

I also got to meet with some really fantastic smaller and more local businesses. That was probably one of my favorite things about this event, was that they definitely had the larger vendors, but they also had representatives from some of the smaller places as well. I got to speak with the owner of Babycakes Charlestown, and My Gym Boston, for example, about their classes. And I also spoke with the owner of Love Child Organics, who started the company out of her kitchen and is just breaking into the Boston market. For a mom who already has the stroller/car seat/crib that I want, it was great to have these smaller vendors available to speak to about the "now that baby has arrived" sort of questions.

The event is called a Baby Shower for a reason, which is because it's geared toward expectant mothers. That's not to say that moms with children can't attend, but I will say that us veterans have been around the block already, and know, for example, that the Bjorn is the worst know... just as a hypothetical example. So, it felt less crucial for me to be there and test out all of the gear. But I will say that it would be a great event for an expectant mother to attend. Definitely a one stop shopping sort of place. On the whole, I was happy I attended, but then again, that could have been due to the fact that I ate 3 cupcakes and came home with an entire shopping bag full of swag. So pretty much a successful outing.

Did anyone else go? Find any vendors you had been itching to talk to? Anyone else crushing on the ergo 360? Anyone else eat 3 cupcakes at one event?

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