, Stop Your Fear Mongering!

Can someone please explain to me when the weather channel decided it would no longer report on the weather, but instead just became a holding place for all the terrifying stuff in the world?

Seriously, I went online the other day just to get the 5 day forecast and the following items are somehow related to weather:


I'm pretty sure that other than the Haboob (which is a gigantic dust storm and not a cartoon character), the rest of these are just meant to scare and horrify people. I mean seriously, "Terrifying Find at Airport"? Unless those snakes were sent there in a rain cloud YOU HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH THE WEATHER!!!

I'd protest by going to another website, but has such a terrible interface. Anyone else know of a weather website that isn't in the business of fear mongering? Because I refuse to hear about real life snakes on a plane just to find out if I should wear shorts or pants tomorrow.




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