Sweet Dreams, Kid

The other night, Chewbacca woke up twice in the middle of the night. I'm not going to get into a specific discussion about sleep patterns, because that just drives us all crazy and I believe talking about your kid's sleep is a weird way to brag about your infant. So let's just all agree that babies don't sleep great and move on from that point. ANYWAYS, for Chewbaca, one wakup is normal, two, not so much. So I suspected something was going on. I blamed it on he fact that we had just gotten back from traveling, and on the fact that he's cutting three teeth at once (read: kill me now).

But then, I changed him this morning and found this inside his pajamas once I unzipped them:


The blocks were in his PJs, not the dime (aka a "throat bullet"). The dime is there just for scale.

Chewie had a foam block jammed IN THE LEG OF HIS PAJAMAS. This is particularly noteworthy because we buy the non-flame-retardant kind that are super tight, or as Chewbacca's dad says when we're dressing him for the night "it looks like you're cramming 10 pounds of sh** in a 5 pound bag." So the fact that he managed to get one of these blocks crammed in his super tight pajama leg is beyond me. He wiggles all over the flipping place when we try to change him, so putting him in his PJs when he's tired is a two person sport that rivals bull riding. But even still, managing to get a contraband foam block INTO his pajamas was pretty impressive, even by his standards.

What's more, when I told Chewbacca's dad about it the next morning, his response was "oh, I found one of those in his sleep sack when I was feeding him his bottle before bed time too."

So, the mystery of the mutliple wakeup has been solved. Now I just need to worry about the fact that Chewbacca is crafting some sort of escape structure in his crib and is smuggling blocks in, piece by piece.

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