Oh iPhone, I can't quit you

In a post for a later time, I'll explain why we're trying to keep Chewbacca away from screens generally. While we're really good about the TV and computers, that kid goes after my iphone like Cheeseheads eating cream puffs at the Wisconsin State Fair (which I can assure you, is "aggressively").

I'm sure it has something to do with the fact that I use my phone to take pictures of him all the time, so it's always in his face. Plus he' quickly learning that his mom is addicted to her phone and he wants to be just like mom. But the main reason is probably because it's shiny and lights up and is generally amazing. You know, the reason we all love our phones.

I'm finding that cutting down my iphone time in front of Chewbacca is much harder than cutting down my TV or computer time. And this is making me realize that I might have a problem.

Some phone time is going to be inevitable: emails, texts, facebooking (obviously necessary). But, there's a lot of 'accidential' phone time, where I wasn't intending to check my email (or facebook or instagram or buzzfeed....) but was pulled to my phone by something else. It's not uncommon for me to get a text message, and then, since I'm on my phone anyways....check my email, and facebook and instagram and on and on and on. And then 20 minutes later something will jolt me out of my imgur fog. It's like if you've ever gotten sucked into an infomercial, and you don't realize it until someone else walks into the room and you're so embarassed and try to explain "no, I swear I didn't MEAN to be watching 20 minutes about a food dehydrator....but as long as we're talking about food dehydrators, THINK ABOUT HOW MUCH FRUIT LEATHER WE COULD MAKE!"

One step I've taken to stop this accidential iphone time is to stop my emails from being pushed to my phone. This has been great because I've stopped my Pavolvian response to hearing my email ping or see that little number in the top corner of my mail icon. Also, I try to keep my phone on silent as often as I can, and remind myself that people don't need an immediate response to every little text. I'm fully embracing the fact that my friends probably think when I don't respond to a text message that I'm with Chewbacca (sorry friends).

One other effort that my brilliant friend (and fellow mama) Jenn over at the Well Read Fish came up with is to start wearing watches again. I gave up a watch a long time ago because, as I told my mom "my phone has a clock and I always have my phone with me, so why do I need a watch?" But now I'm realizing the error of my ways. So, I'm digging out my old watches and probably going to go buy one or two so that instead of checking my phone, I get to check my very fashionable watch. I mean, this is important shopping. It's for the good of Chewbacca, so I HAVE to buy both a rose gold watch AND a tortise shell watch. You know, for Chewbacca.




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