My Hot Pink Rebellious Plant

While I was out on maternity leave from my job, I took advantage of not being a professional and got a pink hair extension put in. It was awesome, and my high school self totally loved it.


It was just a peakaboo streak. Very subtle and totally classy.

Sadly, I eventually had to go back to work. And while my work isn't bad, it's definitely a large corporation with a lot of red tape and an employee dress code. Apparently it needs to be written down that we can't wear spaghetti strap tank tops and can't have "unnatural" hair colors. So, the pink extension had to go. It was a sad day because losing the extension felt like I had to be a corporate drone once again.

Chewbacca's dad knew I was sad about it, and so he did something to remind me to keep my rebel side alive and well at my office. He got me a hot pink plant.


Seriously, look at this thing in its hot pink glory. Even the sun thinks it's awesome.

So now, my hot pink plant is sitting on the corner of my desk at work, as a reminder to keep my tiny rebellion and not give in to the corporate hierarchy. And every time I wonder if I should leave early to pick up Chewbacca from daycare or do more work, I look at my plant, pack up my bag, and head out.




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