I'm living in a Family Circus cartoon

UPDATE 9:00am 8/20/14: Just when I thought I had fully baby-proofed this place, Chewbacca proved yet again he's too crafty for me:

I'd also like to note that Ben has managed to get one foot out of his PJs and jammed in the other leg, turning himself into a merMAN.

Physically impossible to be angry with this face. I mean, look how much fun he's having!

So... this is what Chewbacca learned how to do this weekend:

Leaving the scene of the crime and showing zero remorse for his actions. NONE.

"Yes, this toilet paper will be excellent in the shower"

This is where he paused, and contemplated how to get the most out of his destructive ways.

Warning: If you use the panoramic function on your iphone in a tight space, it will make your baby look distorted.

The end. (And let me tell you, he was pretty pleased with himself. )




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