This Is As Crafty As I Get- Cereal Box Containers

I'm not sure this even qualifies as a craft. It's more of a repurposing. But either way, I'm still pretty proud of it. I read about this in a Real Simple magazine, but I'm pretty sure that although they had the idea of drawer organizers, but I had the idea of bottle organizers.

Like my last yoga mat craft project, the only tool you'll need for this is scissors. Scissors and a cereal box. You have that? Great. Here are your instructions: cut the bottom of the cereal box off. Congratulations! You've crafted.

But seriously, the bottom of cereal boxes make excellent containers for bottle nipples, lids and other bottle gear that gets lots in your drawers. I also use these for drawer organizers at my office too. The possibilities are endless.


Here are my freezing lids, caps and nipples, all in a nice orderly row.


Yes, I'm a grown up and still eat golden grahams, cinnamon toast crunch, and frosted mini wheats. What of it?

So there you go. Crafting with B+ Boston.




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