Who needs a playpen?

I cannot take credit for this idea. My super-smart friend and fashion blogger, Amy, of Leopards and Lillies, has a son who is almost the same age as Chewbacca. Since they're almost the same age they're hitting the same milestones at the same time. And about a week ago, they both started crawling. In a week's time, Chewbacca has been all over our house and pulling down everything not nailed or tied down. That's where Amy got brilliant.

Enter, the inflatable pool:


Here is my son, safely contained and happily playing in an inflatable pool. I swear he isn't this blurry in real life.

Instead of using a pack and play or a baby gate to block out an area of your room, the inflatable pool is a great idea because 1) It's really cheap. We got this one from amazon prime for about 20 dollars. 2) When we're done with it, it will fold down to the size of a phonebook or we can reuse as an actual pool. 3) When Chewbacca gets bored with it as is, we can add these ball pit balls to it for a real party.

You might need an air pump to blow it up, but my other smarty friend, Michelle, told me to use a hair dryer on cool, which worked like a charm, making me feel like the McGyver of moms. If you need to get a pump though, I did find out that this is the cheapest one on amazon prime.

So yeah, PARENTING WIN! Thanks, Amy!

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