Gurus Giveaway


Guys, I'm really excited to be able to do my very first giveaway with an awesome product, perfect for the summer. A friend of mine was wearing these guru sandals over fourth of july weekend, and I thought the were pretty unique so I asked her about them. Turns out, thanks to Toms, shoes can't just be shoes anymore, they have to have a story. And man, do Gurus have a story.

Gurus were started by two former Investment Bankers who discovered while working together that they grew up on the same street, 7500 miles away in Kerala, India. They founded the Gurus company which sources the natural rubber used in the shoes from trees on their familys' own farms. The rubber is hand-harvested which allows the treets to produce rubber for 25 years without being harmed. Plus, for every pair of sandals they sell, Gurus plants another tree. The design is based off of the type of sandal Ghandi wore, but obviously come in a few more exciting colors.

So yeah, naturally-sustainable, Ghandi shoes. Quite the story.

And now, if you're interested in trying out a pair yourself, I'm giving away two pairs to two lucky readers. But if you know me (or at least know my style) I couldn't just do a boring contest, so here are the rules:

1. Like BplusBoston's Facebook Page (I'm insecure and need the attention)

2. Write me a haiku about sandals, Ghandi, gurus, summer... basically anything tangentially related to Gurus Sandals. I don't intend on being strict about subject matter.

3. Post it somewhere on social media- on Bplus Boston's facebook page, instagram and tag bplusboston, in the comment section of this post. Basically somewhere where I'll be able to find it.

4. Include the hashtag #guruhaiku so I can search for all the entries

5. I'll pick one winner a week from today, and the next two weeks from today.

6. You can enter as many times as you want

7. I'm picking the winning haikus based on my subjective opinion of which one is best. That might not be fair, but life's not fair. So I would suggest writing in a style I would find funny.

Alright, that's it. Happy Haiku-writing everyone!!




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