This is as crafty as I get- yoga mat strap

Guys, I'm not going to claim this is the best craft in the world, but I am not a crafty person, and I just did a craft. Mainly out of necessity, but still.

I'm just about to head out to Lauren Hefez's awesome Long Lean class at Artists of humanity, and I'll likely be walking around the rest of the day afterwards WITH my yoga mat. I've never bought a yoga mat strap because they seem so ridiculous to pay money such a small piece of fabric for the couple times I was going to use it. But now, I see their utlility because walking around all day holding a yoga mat would be a bummer.

SO, I turned to the internet and found this no-sew yoga mat strap craft. It basially uses old t-shirt strips and braids them into a long strand that you tie around your mat. Nothing too fancy, but easy enough for me to do in under 15 minutes, giving me a whole 5 minutes to write this post and head out the door!

It's a great way to use up old Tshirts (I just used one but I think it would be much cuter if you used 3 different colors like the blog post suggests). Anyways, if you're interested, here are the instructions:

And here's my end product! Now off to class!

photo (5).JPG




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