Stuff I love- UBER

You know something has become a big deal when it's turned into a verb: "I totally googled him before our date" or "Gisele;s body post-baby has to be Photoshopped, it just has to be" or "I rollerbladed all afternoon...and then I got back from my trip to 1994".

But the latest noun-that's-so-popular-it's-a-verb craze, is Uber, and justifiably so. I just heard a friend say the other day, "don't worry, we won't be late, we can just Uber there." That's when I knew, Uber had hit the big time, which frankly, I'm thrilled about. I love love love Uber.

Perhaps it's because it's all mobile driven: you simply pull up the app on your phone, drop your location on the map and click "call an uber" and it gives you text of who is picking you up and how far your car is away. Perhaps it's because it's like a game: once you open the app, you can SEE the cars nearby and how far away your car is. Perhaps it's because it's cheaper than a taxi: currently 25% less than an average taxin in Boston. Perhaps it's because every time I call an UberX (which are driver's personal cars instead of a taxi (UberTaxi) or a black car (UberBlack)), it's like playing the lottery of 'will I be riding home in a Prius or a Jaguar? Come on Jaguar!!! Perhaps it's because it's a way better business model and so the drivers seem happier and more pleasant: independent drivers can use their own personal cars (after taking a qualifying test) and with just a smart phone, they can be driving customers around town in their free time, without having to rent a cab, without having to commit to a 12 hour day, without having a taxi company take half their earnings. Perhaps it's because the system is set up to have better clients and drivers: both drivers and customers rate the other after every driving experience. So crummy customers won't get picked up, and crummy drivers won't get jobs.

Most likely, it's that all of the above combine to make Ubering a much more pleasant experience than waiting outside to hail a taxi. Instead, you can request your Uber while you're still at you party and then wait for the text that your Uber is arriving and not spend anytime waiting.

If you haven't tried the wonder of Uber, I can't gush about it enough. AND, lucky for you readers, if you use this link you'll get $30 off your first ride:

The things I do for you guys.

But seriously, try it, fall in love with it like I have. And the best part is that they've just started experimenting with...wait for it...UBER FAMILY. Imagine calling an Uber that has car seats already installed in the car! I can't wait for this service to come to Boston (currently only in NYC). Every time we go out with Chewbacca, we either need to commit to taking the T both ways, or hauling the car seat both ways. It would be the last piece of the puzzle for my urban living without a car. I've harassed/politely emailed Uber several times asking about when this service is coming to Boston, but no news yet. So feel free to do the same. Maybe if enough of us holler loud enough, our kids will be Ubering in no time.




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