Great Father's day gift ideas (minus two)

So this is awkward. I want to write a post about great father's day gift ideas, but I don't want my husband or my dad to see what I'm getting them this year. So, I've decided to write a post about some great gift ideas, minus the two I'm actually getting this year. Does that make sense? Great. Moving on.

  • Experience Gifts: I'm a huge fan of giving experiences rather than things. Partly because I think they're enjoyed more, and partly because I hate things that clutter my house. The added bonus to experience gifts is that they can often be purchased the day of. So if you're a procrastinator like myself, then these might be right up your alley. Here are some suggestions for ideas this year:

  • Lion King Tickets- It's coming to Boston in October. You might say that the Lion King is a kids movie, or that Dad's won't like it. But you would be wrong. It's the ultimate Father-Son story. I mean, when Mustafa dies, I just can't handle it. And plus if you get them this gift, you'll be singing "Nants ingonyamaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa" on repeat. (FYI-that's how you spell the opening line to Circle of Life. I had to look it up because it sounds way different in my head. Also, interesting bit of trivia- that's Zulu for "Here comes a Lion, Father. Oh yes it's a Lion". I think we can all agree that the Zulu was the right choice.)

  • Chocolate Buffet at the Langham: I'm not sure what else I need to say other than "Chocolate. Buffet".

  • Outdoorsy Tour: The people over at Funsherpa have a ton of great gift certificates for experience gifts like sailing, hot air balloon rides, dirt bike riding, helicopter tours, beer brewing (okay that last one is not outdoorsy but is pretty cool). They're all available around the Boston area too. They have a great list to peruse so you can pick something for your particular dad.

  • A really great shave: Men like to be pampered too, but if your guy still wants to feel "manly", you can get him a really great shave and/or haircut at either the Art of Shaving at the Prudential Center or at any salon in Boston. For the record, I think cucumber water, massages and facials are completely manly. So a massage and/or facial would be a great gift too.

  • Things: Don't get me wrong, things can be an awesome gift too. And here are some great ones that you can hopefully get for this year:

  • A beautiful cutting board: A great option for the culinary father. Our friends received one of these as a wedding present (which we promptly copied and ordered one for ourselves) from the Boardsmith. They're all custom orders so it'll take some time to get to him, but you could put all the info in a card and let him design it himself. Because how manly is a block of wood used as a chopping block?

  • A Watch: There's something about a nice watch that really sets off an outfit. And since everyone has a clock on their phones, it's really an accessory more than a functional time piece. Frankly, it's one of the few accessories men get to spruce up their outfits. Bonus points- you could definitely pick one up at the mall before Father's Day. I'm also kind of digging this Timex which is a knockoff of a Jcrew one for waaaay cheaper. Just don't tell your Dad that you only spent 35 dollars on it.

  • Amazon Kindle: If you haven't gotten on the Kindle Fire bandwagon already, you seriously should. They're for so much more than reading and are lighter and cheaper (and better for reading) than an ipad. Also, if you have Amazon Prime it'll get to you before Father's Day too.

  • An OoOtie Bowtie: Forget boring ties. If you really want to make your dad fashionable, give him a bowtie. Because I know somebody very important (aka, Chewbacca's dad) over at Oootie, they're offering 30% off all their bowties for Bplusboston readers. Just type in BPLUS at checkout for 30% off. They have some great designs for very hip dads (my favorite is the dinosaurs). And they're Boston based so you can get a quick shipping for Father's day.

  • A standing desk: I know, I know, probably not the "coolest" gift out there, but I spent 500 dollars on myself for the Kangaroo standing desk and it was the best money I've spent in a long while. (For a more economical version, check out this one). With all the health detriments to sitting at a desk all day, I knew I needed to be standing more but couldn't justify spending that money on myself. And then I realized that I was at my desk for 12 hours a day and anything to make that better would be worth it. I LOVE gifts that are for something that you'd never spend the money on yourself but you really want. So here's one for dad that says "I want you to be healthy and be around for a long time".

  • Bose In Ear Headphones: This is another one of those "I'd never buy this for myself" type of gift. But once my husband got these for me, I couldn't believe I had been using the crummy iphone ear buds for so long. The sound quality to these is just so much better. I actually get angry when I forget them and have to go back to the cheapo versions.

Hopefully those are some suggestions that will get you started for the dads in your life. Alternatively, it's always great to give dad a day off to let him do something he loves, kid-free for awhile....followed of course by some serious dad-kid bonding time.

Got any great suggestions for Father's Day gifts? Add them below, I'd love to hear them for next year.

Also, I'll be sure to let you know what I got Chewbacca's dad and my own dad AFTER this Sunday.

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