That thing is a deathtrap

"Oh my gosh, you're still letting your child play with [X]? Didn't you hear they recalled that because it's a total and complete deathtrap?"

Um, no. I did not get that message.

How is it that some parents seem to know this information? To me, my child's stuffed animal looked adorable and snuggly and I thought it was cute that he liked to chew on the plastic eyeballs. But to those super-in-the-know-mommies, my child was holding a choking hazard that was adorable looking to lure my kid into eating it.

For the longest time, I thought it was just parenting osmosis that allowed some parents to know that certain products had been recalled. Because unless you register everything your kid owns, how else are you supposed to know that lawn darts had been recalled because they are essentially FLYING SPEARS (okay, that one even I saw coming)?

But, turns out that the moms that kindly informed me that my car seat had a faulty release latch didn't have superpowers, they just subscribed to the Consumer Product Safety Commission's email list. It's super easy to sign up online (check out their webpage here) and they'll email you the recalls as they happen. Most of them are totally unrelated to things you're going to give your child, like yesterday's announcement that a bunch of crossbows had been recalled due to firing on their own (hello, terrifying). But every once and awhile, they'll issue a recall for a sippy cup or a toy or some other thing that you never in a million years thought could harm your child. They don't email that often, and 99 times out of 100 I don't own whatever they're talking about. But even for the items I don't own, it's kind of nice to be in the know. That way, if I ever see someone using it, I get to say to some unsuspecting parent "Oh, you're still using [X]? Didn't you hear that they recalled that because it's a total deathtrap?"



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