Chances are, someone's done it better than me.  Here's a list of those people and how to find them.  They're the best of the best, and I highly recommend you check them out.
  • Acupuncture: Anne Drogin at Acupuncture for Everyone.This woman literally sent me into labor.  In the past, she helped with everything from stress, to joint problems.  But her real gift was in getting me into labor after I was past my due date.  After a few sessions of "helping things along", I finally said I'd had it.  Anne made sure I was really ready and then administered the "get this baby out" treatment.  My contractions started that night!  Beyond her talent, Anne is incredibly warm and kind.  Her location is a community acupuncture style, which means that treatments are administered in a room with 4 chairs so often there will be other patients in the room.  But the environment is quiet and calming.  As a result, the cost is much lower than most places, and is on a sliding fee scale where you pay what you can.  This allowed me to go much more frequently than I otherwise would have.  

  • Behavior: We all have our struggles with disciplining our children.  But Karen Kraut of Think: Kids Collaborative Problem Solving Parenting Model has a fantastic approach to teaching parents skills to build better relationships with their children.  She focuses on not only difficult or "problem" behaviors, but also on teaching your children values to make them great little people.  Her philosphy is based on a neurologically-grounded approach created by MGH's Department of Psychiatry that provides parents with concrete tools to better understand and help children.  I love that she believes that many kids lack the skill, not the will, to behave well and works with kids and parents to develop these skills.  She covers everything from ordinary, day-to-day challenges like bedtime and homework, to more serious challenges.

  • Baby-Wearing:My husband and I are reluctant stroller users, and we probably carry our son 80-90% of the time.  Since there are so many carriers out there, it was great to go to a meeting of the Boston Baby-Wearers Club.  They have frequent meetings throughout the city, and they have a "library" of carriers you can check out for a week at a time, to make sure it's right for you.  They also have hands on demonstrations of carriers at the event.  I tried 4 or 5 different types before my son had a meltdown, and we had decided the moby and the ergo were right for us.  

  • Car Seat Installation: "Are you sure it's installed right?" Never wonder again.  Check out the Car Seat Lady's Channel on youtube and she'll show you easy instructions on almost every model and type.  Need more of a hands on personal approach? Kristen Driscoll of the Car Seat Concierge is a child passanger safety tech and mom and will make house calls in and around the Boston area to make sure you're installing YOUR car seat right on YOUR child in YOUR car.  

  • Consignment:  Baby stuff is expensive, but luckily there are a lot of places where you can get some used clothing and gear.  The best list I've found of all the places is on the South Shore Mamas page, which is fantastic.  I haven't been to all of these locations, but with so many choices, there has to be some treasures to find.  

  • Counseling:  Being a mom is HARD for a lot of reasons, not the least of which is the fact that it's a whole lot of new emotions and experiences to deal with.  If you need some assistance and someone to talk to, the amazing Elizabeth Stults will meet with you privately at your home, or anywhere of your choosing for an informal therapy session.  She is available to discuss the baby blues, sleep deprivation, how to discipline your child, behavioral challenges, and even how to explain major life changes to your child, such as death, divorce, or a new sibling.  She even offers play therapy assessment for your little ones.  Elizabeth is a friend and I know her warm, caring, thoughtful and kind demeanor would be an invaluable resource to those in need.  

  • Dentist: If you need a pediatric dentists, we've been SO pleased with Dr. Amini-Sami and Faneuil Hall Dental, right downtown.  They're not a pediatric only practice but are wonderful with kids (and filling cavities, #momoftheyear).  
    Also, to get into good brushing habits, be sure to check out the Two Minute Turtle Timer from a local mom and inventor.  It teaches kids good brushing habits.  It lights up in each part of the mouth you're supposed to brush for 30 seconds. 

  • Dairy-Free: A lot of mothers have to go dairy-free while nursing.   MSPIMama  helped me deal with my new menu.  That, plus So Delicious Ice cream (at whole foods) got me through my dairy-free stage.  Also check out JP Licks' hemp and tofu ice cream, as well as Fomu ice cream in JP and Alston/Brighton, which offers a huge variety of non-dairy ice cream.      The things we do for our children. 

  •  Food:  My guess is most of you already are aware of these options, but if not, make them your best friend:

    • Peapod Delivery- Grocery delivery from Stop and Shop.  The 6 dollar delivery food is worth the hour you'll spend at the grocery store with a screaming infant.  Trust me.  Plus, it cuts way down on impulse purchases. 

    • Wholefoods Delivery- See above.  Although their prices are a bit more expensive and you have to do the actual shopping, I would've paid almost anything for dairy-free ice cream when I was nursing, so I thought it was worth every penny. 

    • Seamless web- For those nights when you just *CAN'T* cook dinner.  

  • Restaurants That Are Kid-Friendly:  Looking for a restaurant that is kid friendly?  Trying to find out if your favorite restaurant has a changing table?  Check out KidNosh.  You can search by neighborhood, cuisine, or price, to find the best kid-friendly restaurant. 

  • Occupational Therapy:  Yes, all our children develop at different rates and hit major milestones when they're good and ready.  But if you're anxious to help them along, check out MamaOT for suggestions on FUN activities to encourage developmental milestones like rolling, crawling, and walking.   

  • Placenta Encapsulation: Bear with me, I know this sounds disgusting, but it was one of the BEST things I did for myself post-partum.  It gave me so much energy, helped me recover, brought my milk in faster, and generally made me feel like I could "do this".   I used Tammy Wills, who was great and very professional.  She picked up my placenta at the hospital and returned it in pill form to me in a cute glass jar with instructions.  I never had to even see the placenta, which is exactly what I wanted.  Eating it is one thing, but seeing it? GROSS! 

  • Sleep Training: If you're a parent, you've probably been up at 3am googling "how to get your baby to sleep".  The truth is, no one knows.  But, Baby Sleep Science seems to make a lot more sense and at least explained why my 4 month old was on a sleep strike.  I found their website to be the most logical and helpful, and it gave me the strength to sleep train in a way that made sense for our family.

  • Behavioral Problems: After the Isis Crisis of 2014, every parent knows that there was a huge hole in the Boston parenting resource world.  Luckily, some fantastic instructors from Isis have started their own shops as a result and are doing consulting on their own.  Jennifer Gillette of The Loved Child and Ceclia Matson of Gallop are two of those instructors.  Both offer phone consults on any number of issues: temper tantrums, separation anxiety, picky eating, positive discipline, you name it. They are both trained child psychologists and former Isis Instructors.  We haven't needed them yet, but you better believe I've book-marked their information for the inevitable.... 

  • Tailor/Alterations: Although not necessarily baby-related, everyone can use a great tailor/alterations place.  Sabella Couture on Tremont Street is beyond fantastic.  I brought in 3 bridesmaids dresses ('tis the season, right?) and had MAJOR alterations done for only $120 total, which, if you've ever needed a bridesmaid dress altered, you know is a steal.  Plus, the staff is extremely sweet and the location is beautiful, making the whole experience almost enjoyable (except for the inevitable poking, prodding, pinning, and tucking).